Monday, November 15, 2010

Working behind the scenes

I realized this weekend that it looks as if I haven't been busy if you only look at my posting dates...
Not true.  Actually, I have been doing the "Hour to Spare" -  honestly, not every night but most nights.  In one way or another, sometimes silently either at the drawing board or behind the scenes with some writing or tweaking I have been pretty consistent with putting the time in on this project.  The biggest problem I am finding is keeping on track, following the"to-do" listing (2do page on this blog) in what I had originally thought was the most organized way of getting everything finished.  Forget that.... the projects and their priorities seem to jump around, depending on ideas and issues each day.  I can work an hour on some writing if it's being carried with me - I can do some computer work if I can't sleep at night... Little hours stuck in here and there fulfill the self-requirement of an hour each day (sorry, almost each day), but there are times it's definitely not in the prioritized order.  This brings me to the realization that the jumping around is what made getting things done so difficult and so very unproductive in the first place. I knew this, and I know this.... so back to the list and the "drawing board" I go.