Monday, December 6, 2010

inching along...

Hour by hour, inch by inch I am working my way down the list.  My newest (and really, my oldest) lesson has been time and the time we think each project will involve.  Because of the calendar (December & Christmas) I moved my Christmas card up the list and, of course, that has taken much, much more time than I planned.  In fact, yesterday I spent the day (almost 12 full hours) doing the final sketches and color work on my card.  I am going to include one of the drawings here and will put all of it up after I can get the cards in the mail.  I came up with an ambitious idea (my usual dilemma) and now feel compelled to get it done.  Anyway, here's a glimpse.  I am heading back to hour by hour (maybe I can get this finished within the next hour!)

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