Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So far, no spare hours...

An hour to spare - it's just not enough time when you get going!  Although I figured out SO much tonight... it's been more than an hour! WAY more than that.  I wonder if it's possible to save all the extra hours (of problem-solving obsession) so that one of these nights I can get other things done!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Template Lock-Down?

Already I have disobeyed my own rules. Instead of only working for only an hour I have become obsessed in solving a problem and have worked for close to two hours on designing this blog. But, I think I have learned something. After all of this work and wandering through the "create your own blog" screens I think I might have taken the seemingly easy path (certainly NOT my usual style) of choosing a template. The template seems to have locked me into some set boundaries and creative limitations. Tomorrow will be a go-back-to-the-beginning night to find out if using the basics might be a better way to work. My biggest problem is that following the template for the first page, I can't change any subsequent pages...So, if all else fails - go back to the beginning.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 1 / Hour 1

The experiment has become frustrating already, just in this first hour.. which if I remember correctly either shouldn't be stressful or shouldn't be worrisome or whatever.  It's been both stressful & worrisome!
I thought I was someone who knew my way around computers and such - wow... ego should definitely be left at the door.  So, with all that said, my first hour towards "finishing," my first step into the world of blogging has gotten me to the point of pushing the "publish" button with the fervent (sp?) hope that this works.