Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cross Another - OFF!

I sold some of my note cards this weekend, and I have to say - it felt good.... which, of course, sent me off track once again.  (It really doesn't take much to get me running in another direction!)  On my "...an Hour to Spare" list I am supposed to be finishing the portfolio for my note cards - I haven't finished that yet.  Instead, I opened an Etsy account. Check it out!

(Of course there are something like 145,000 cards for sale on etsy - who will ever find me? But then, it's been said, "...if you build it, they will come,"  or something like that.)

A thought:  This "Hour to Spare".... works.  Amazingly, I have found is that even when I am soooo tired, thinking I am TOO tired to sit, disciplined, for an hour, once I begin the time flies by and I find I have to be disciplined enough to stop!  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Illustration Friday - Week of Oct. 15th

"Spooky" - This is my first attempt at "Illustration Friday".  Not really "spooky" but I am hoping the touch of clever might create the link....  I am looking forward to the next topic!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

1st Illustration Friday / "Spooky"

Sketch only so far...

Honestly, I have been working...

And if you believe that I have some other lies to tell!  I took a lovely vacation with family and enjoyed myself tremendously!  But, now I know I have to get back to serious stuff.
I wanted to make note (even if it's just to myself) about Illustration Friday... a website that offers subject content and some great inspiration from other artists.  Each Friday they offer up a subject which makes your mind spin a little - After the imagination keeps you up at night (it does it to me all the time), you get to do some artwork and even share it.  The best part is that the sharing connects the looker to your own blog, so you really do "share"...
Check it out:  www.illustrationfriday.com

Friday, October 1, 2010

Check off one...

     Checking off the first thing on the list of "2 Do's".  Ready to begin the next project over the weekend.
The discipline of "Hour to Spare" has definitely worked this first week although it turned into more hours than I thought it would each night. (Thanks to my own obsessive nature.)  If the idea is to only sit down for ONE hour each night I would have to call this week a failure.  I probably could do nothing all next week and catch up to the extra time I put in this week!  BUT, the accomplishment washes away the implied limitations of the guidelines.  The extra time is exciting and so worth it.