Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Hour to Spare - Should I work and can I squeeze in a quick nap?

Seriously, after an exhausting day being creative at work it is soooo hard to get enthusiastic about being creative at home - even if it's just for an hour.  Sometimes I can muster the umph to sit down and "play" but sometimes it's all I can do to just stay awake.   If I can remember that when I do muster the umph and I do begin to do the art I love so dearly I usually find that other world that not only takes me to another place but all the energy I've lost during the day comes flooding back.  Isn't it wonderful?
I did check off another thing on my "2-Do" list.  I found some great portfolio books at a local art store and I put together my "Design" book.... I also did a lot of set-up work for a "Cards" portfolio book... the big nut seems to be the "Illustration" book.  For that I have to get serious... and stay awake!

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