Monday, January 27, 2014

   This is a big year for me - for a number of reasons, none of which I will share - some of it's ordinary "life happens" things -  Good events for many, not so good for others.  I though, am looking forward to not only a new chapter, but actually a number of new chapters ahead....  I haven't forgotten my goals and my original resolution/idea - the hour a day.... although that almost never happens as an every day thing -- it usually comes with a burst of time and energy on the weekend and I surprise even myself with all that I can get done. I still believe in that idea and that discipline....An Hour A Day. ("... As an experiment, I suggest the following must actually spend a full-un-interupted hour, each and every day doing the critical inch of that business....if you pick a business that you love, and faithfully spend your hour doing the key parts of the business (not simply busy work), that within two years you will be well on your way to complete financial independence....")

   I haven't forgotten the 30 day deal either.  I am starting this year with the challenge to stay away from sugar or anything that turns too quickly into sugar....   I like the self-challenging challenges.  Funny thing though - this is a challenge I gave to myself a long, long time ago, well before the concept of 30-day challenges came about.  It worked well then - let's hope it works again.

To end I will include an "Hour" project that took a number of hours to finish and as I look at it now, I am not so sure that it still doesn't need a number more.....
Oh well - maybe next weekend....

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